We’re often asked, what kind of wines do we sell? Our answer always varies. It has to. Because the truth is, we just sell the wines we love to drink. What we love is mostly from Europe, primarily France and Italy. What we love is always sustainably made - not just for the environmental impact, but due to the indisputable fact that better farming leads to better flavor. What we love is sometimes fancy, sometimes very casual. But at the core of it all, there’s a clear intention: make the best drink from the best material possible, no matter where it’s from. 

After meeting Shaun Hill of Hill Farmstead Brewery, we started asking ourselves another question: why do we only sell wine. Regulatory reasons aside, wine is the thing we nerd over, it’s the thing we love. But this beer, it’s different. Pure and simple in its components and intention, yet expressive and thought-provoking in its result. Its flavors are more akin to wine than most beers, and if ‘Champagne of Beers’ weren’t already spoken for, it would be an apt tag-line here. Truth is, this beer really does taste like Champagne, whereas the other, let’s admit, tastes like socks.

The beers that Shaun makes are elegant, age-worthy, and impossible to find outside of his family’s home in Greensboro, Vermont. And according to us, they’re as good as it gets. 

We’ve worked with Shaun and his team to put together a seasonal release for you. It’s a mix of 6 bottles, all brewed at different times, all showcasing variations of the Hill Farmstead style. It’s a style we’d call balanced, refreshing, and not-at-all like a super hoppy IPA. 

We’re honored to offer these to our most loyal customers, the ones who get it. We promise you will enjoy them. Responsibly, of course.

Thank you,


Spring Release

Frequently Asked Questions



Availability of items in the Spring Release is limited. We cannot guarantee that order requests will be filled in their entirety; they will be considered in the order they were received and on a qualitative basis. All order requests are subject to confirmation by Hill Farmstead and Parcelle.